Michael McQueary Testifies In Penn State Case

Michael McQueary testifies about the disturbing things he saw in the Penn State locker room.

Former Penn State assistant coach Michael McQueary testified on Tuesday that in 2001, while in a locker room, he heard a “skin-on-skin smacking sound” and saw something that was “more than my brain could handle.”

“Jerry Sandusky was standing naked in the showers behind a boy, slowly moving his hips,” McQueary stated to the jury.

His reaction to this disturbing incident was to slam his locker shut loudly. He testified that he was hoping that he would realize someone was there, and he would “Break it up!”

In addition, he testified that he had no doubt that he witnessed anal sex.

“It was more than my brain could handle,” he said. “I was making decisions on the fly. I picked up the phone and called my father to get advice from the person I trusted most in my life, because I just saw something ridiculous.”

It is believed that the 68-year-old Penn State assistant coach molested 10 young boys over a time span of 15-years. According to authorities, he abused them in multiple locations such as his home, hotels, and in the university’s football team’s accommodations.

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