Michael Vick Injury Report: Hand Is Bruised, Not Broken

Michael Vick is having a positive injury report after only suffering a bruised hand during last week’s Eagles versus Giants game. After being forced out of a game last week due to a concussion, Vick had to return to the injury list when doctors suspected a broken left hand. NFL rules state after a concussion a player must pass a series of tests before he can return to the field.

The Eagles physician mistook Vick’s injury as as a fracture because it ruptured a top vein. It had it all the symptoms and swelling a person would have if they broke one of their bones. The Eagles quarterback fell backwards onto his arm after a pass to receiver Jeremy Maclin in the third quarter.

This past Sunday, Philadelphia faced New York in a football game that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. When asked about his back to back weeks of bad luck, Vick replied, “Just bad breaks, man. I’ve got to figure it out. I’m going to try to do what I can.”

The Eagles, who have been dubbed the “Dream Team” by some, but have lost back to back games. It is still unknown if the quarterback will be cleared to play next week against the San Francisco 49er’s. As of right now, he could play, but the coach isn’t going to send him out on the field if his health isn’t 100 percent.

“The hand is not displaced,” head coach Andy Reid said. “Michael will have a CT scan,” he added. That scan was done early this morning and reported no fractures.

After being named the comeback player of the year, Vick signed a $100 million deal that will keep him in Philadelphia for multiple years. After a succession of high profile signings, the team were predicted to walk to a division title. It hasn’t been the case.

The NFL season will now enter its fourth week of the football season. Michael still has plenty of time to bounce back with the team. He has always played well under pressure.