​Michael Vick To Jets Rumors, But It Could Good For QB

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December 21, 2021
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Michael Vick appears to be a new target for the New York Jets as the NFL franchise begins to make changes to its offense after benching Mark Sanchez and admitting that they expected more out of Tim Tebow this season.

For now, the third stinger Greg McElroy is the team’s starter with rumors abound with Vick being acquired at the end of the season.

After weeks of head coach Rex Ryan telling the media he has as much confidence in either Sanchez or Tebow leading the team, it now seems the team has no confidence in any of their quarterbacks.

On Thursday, the Jets announced that they would likely be parting ways with Tebow at the end of the season and were also open to shopping Sanchez around in the form of a trade.

Now the New York media is reporting rumors the team could look to Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick, who has fallen out of favor with his team as well. The rumors were fueled by a Jets source.

“Bring it on,” the Daily News quoted the Jets source as saying about adding Vick if he is available. “He was hit too many times [behind a subpar offensive line] the last two years.”

The team official was quoted as saying that Ryan loves Vick.

Sanchez is finishing the fourth year on his contract in which he was signed to an extension this past off season that brought his total contract value to $58.25 million over five years. He is owed $8.25 million next year. The deal will make it hard to move a QB that has been one of the worst in the league over the last two years after leading the team to the AFC Championship game in his first two seasons.