NBA All-Star Game MVP Goes To Kevin Durant

Kobe Bryant set a new scoring record in the NBA’s All-Star Game on Sunday, but the MVP award still went to Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant.

The NBA West held of a late game run by the East and posted a win that ended with a score of 152-149. Durant lead the West team with 36 points, falling 6 points shy of Wilt Chamberlin’s single All-Star game scoring record of 42. Durant had 34 points at the end of the third quarter but only scored 2 in the 4th.

Bryant meantime, became the All-Star all-time scoring leader with 27 in the game, leaving him with a combined lifetime, 270 points during the games. The old record was held by Michael Jordan, who had 262 points.

After the game, Bryant was evaluated after complaining of headaches. He had received a hard foul from Dwayne Wade during the game that caused a bloody nose.

In more bad news for the Lakers, Andrew Bynum, who had to have an injection the day before, left the game in the first quarter due to a sore knee and did not return.

LeBron James was the leading scorer for the East, matching Durant’s 36 points. Since 1951, when the All-Star game began to be played, The Eastern Conference holds a record of 36-25 over the West. 1999 marked the only time the game was not played since its inception, due to a league lockout.

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