NBA Labor Deal Over, But Players Not Moving

NBA Labor Deal – The NBA still has problems with labor disputes that weren’t part of the deal among many teams. While teams are now able to discuss future moves with players, the basketball league is not allowing some of the decisions to be made. In recent news, Los Angeles Lakers were preparing to have an all-star team.

The teams hope were to start a trio, similar to the Miami heat, except better. Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and the Lakers own, Kobe Bryant is what they had in mind, but the NBA won’t allow it. Thursday night came the announcement from the NBA to the Lakers that they would be killing the deal the Lakers sent to Chris Paul.

So while the labor deal was made, teams are still being restricted.

They reasoned that it’s not in the best interest for smaller-market teams. In addition, the league feels that making such trades could lead to more disastrous financial problems in the future. Many of the owners were angered by the offer, including Cleveland’s owner Dan Gilbert.

Not surprising when you consider the loss Dan Gilbert had to the Heat.

While the NBA stopped Chris Paul, they might have more problems as more players start to make their moves. As many know Dwight Howard, one of the best centers in the game, is making his move away from the Orlando Magic. Rumors are now coming about that Howard might make his way over to the New Jersey Nets.

With all the trades starting, you would think that the NBA would propose a plan to make smaller market teams more attractive to big name player. Yet since the labor deal is over, it doesn’t seem like they want to do anything, but stop players from moving.