NBA Lockout Still Going Without Resolution

The NBA lockout is still going, and there is little evidence that a resolution will be found any time soon. Commissioner David Stern has said if the session on Tuesday October 18th does not go well, then the Christmas Day games might be canceled as well. Frustration mounts for players and fans who might just give up on this year’s basketball season altogether.

Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant says that players have sacrificed, and he is not the only player to express his frustrations that talks are not getting them any closer to a starting season.

“They got to meet us at some point,” Durant said after playing in an exhibition game at a DC-area high school on Saturday. “I feel like (the owners) aren’t helping us out-they’re not trying meet us halfway with it.”

There are speculations when the lockout ends, but fans are starting to grow irritated with the entire topic. The union thinks basketball is needed, and it knows that the players’ families are not going to starve to death over this.

Do we really need basketball? Sure, as fans, we love our games. We want to see our favorite players on the court, and we want to see our teams take on a new season but do we need basketball? Some fans are giving up over the whole debacle and deciding to do something else this basketball season.

Back in early 2010, there were already talks of basketball losing its fanbase. The people are just not into as much as they used to be. Now with the lockout threatening to cause more fans to lose interest or just quit on the NBA out of frustration, it brings up the very important question or whether or not the fans will continue to stick around throughout the negotiations.