NFL Receiver In Jail For Cocaine, Firearms

Former NFL Receiver Jimmy Smith receives six years in jail for cocaine and firearms’ charges. Smith was arrested in April 2009, and began serving his time on March 29.

Prior to going to jail the former Jacksonville Jaguars player went to a Houston rehab facility, and attempted to help others though the Jimmy Smith Foundation.

Their official website states, “The Jimmy Smith Foundation is committed to providing programs and personal mentoring to help at-risk youth establish the building blocks of success. This is accomplished through sports and educational programs sponsored by the Foundation, and in partnership with community organizations such as Stewpot Community Services, local churches, schools and sports leagues.”

Following Smith’s 2009 arrest he stated, “I realize that I cannot be the husband, father, son and citizen I want to be until I overcome my addiction. It is my highest priority and will be the toughest challenge of my life, but I am going to get the help that I need to achieve a complete recovery.”

” I am ashamed and humiliated by my actions, and I apologize for the embarrassment I have caused my family, friends and everyone in the Jacksonville community who have supported me throughout my career, ” Smith added.

The onetime NFL received is expected to be released November 8, 2018.

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