NFL Week 9 Predictions For Nov. 6

Nfl Week 9 Predictions – It’s week 9 and here are the NFL predictions for Nov. 6. The first few weeks seen a slew of teams who looked like they were on their way to a playoff berth. But, they have since slowed down for a variety of reasons and are looking like pretenders this year.

Here are the three teams who started off hot, but have since cooled down with the weather around them.

Oakland Raiders

After starting off red hot, the Oakland Raiders went 2-2 in their last four games and will lose their second-straight game at home nonetheless in Week 9 against the Denver Broncos.

With how congested the AFC West standings are, one loss is everything when you have three teams–the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs–tied for first place at 4-3.

The Raiders will struggle with the Broncos this week, because star running back Darren McFadden is out and newly acquired quarterback Carson Palmer is making his first start, in what is destined to be an ugly game.

Look for Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to have a decent game, doing just enough to get a big win in Oakland.

Prediction: Denver Broncos 24, Oakland Raiders 16

Washington Redskins

After starting out 3-1 and grabbing a big win over their NFC East rival New York Giants, the Washington Redskins have lost three-straight, and will end any hope at the playoffs this week against the 6-1 San Francisco 49ers.

The quarterback questions that have plagued the Redskins all season have hurt the team–they want Rex Grossman to play but the Redskins’ brass want John Beck at the helm.

Look for the ‘Skins to suffer a similar defeat to what they had last week when the Buffalo Bills skunked Washington 23-0.

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers 28, Washington Redskins 13

San Diego Chargers

After an embarrassing overtime loss last week against the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Diego are stuck in a cluster of teams atop the AFC West with the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Look for the Chargers to fall out of first place this week with a loss to the seemingly unstoppable reigning Super Bowl Champs, the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers will hold Phillip Rivers to a modest game, and the absence of Ryan Mathews will put too much pressure on Mike Tolbert, making it tough for the Chargers to move the ball.

Prediction: Green Bay 35, San Diego Chargers 20

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