NHL Lockout Cancels More Games

As the NHL lockout continues into its 87th day, the league announced Monday the cancellation of more games up till December 30th.

Originally, games had been canceled up to December 14th, but due to neither the players union or league coming close to reaching a deal over labor disputes, the NHL had no choice but to announce the cancellation of 16 more days worth of games.

The season which was to start on October 11th has now seen a total of 526 games lost or nearly 43% of the season. Previously, the NHL already announced the cancellation of the annual New Year’s Day Winter Classic which is usually played at an outdoor venue, as well as the All-Star game.

At midnight Saturday September 16, 2012, the league locked out its players as the previous labour pact expired. The CBA from 2004 provided the Players Union with a 57 percent share in revenue. The NHL owners made a proposal of 47 percent but the Players Union feels that there should be a limited change in share growth.

Negotiations between the league and the players’ association broke off last week, but NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Sunday the sides are trying to restart talks this week.

With the latest cancellation and no end in sight to the lockout, the entire season could be lost as commissioner Gary Bettman said the shortest season they could likely play is a 48 game schedule. That means a deal ending the lockout would have to be reached by January.

Previously, during the 1994-95 lockout that lasted 103 days the league played a shortened 48 game schedule reduced from 84 that started January 20th.

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