NHL Player Somehow Gets Locked In Bathroom

NHL player Joel Ward had a minor crises Saturday in Dallas where the Washington Capitals were scheduled to play when he got locked in a public bathroom stall. Ward was too big to slide underneath the bottom of the door.

He was forced to call his teammates for help. After nearly an hour, someone fetched a ladder and Ward climbed over the top of the door. While it was embarrassing, everyone seemed to laugh about the incident.

Ward described the rescue operation to the Washington Post’s Katie Carrera:

“I tried to come out and I flipped the switch a little bit but it wasn’t really coming undone. I’m in panic mode because I realized the door wasn’t going to open on me. I texted Karl [Alzner] to see if he was still around… The latch on the inside where I was would turn but the bolt wouldn’t move, I think it was stripped. The bolt was just chilling… They got a ladder and Karl and Carly [John Carlson] pretty much carried me like a log,” Ward said. “I sat there for 40 minutes, listening to toilet flushes all morning.”

Of all professional sports, this only proves that hockey players have the craziest stories.

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