Ohio State Changes In 2012 With Sanctions

Ohio State Sanctions – The next college football season will be Urban Meyer’s first as the Ohio State Buckeye’s head coach, but no matter how well he does his team will not play a bowl game due sanctions handed down from the NCAA.

Aside from the bowl ban for one year there will be a reduction in available football scholarships making Meyers job even harder. Ohio State will also be under three years of probation.

Last year 5 football players had received illegal benefits from a local tattoo parlor and where suspended by the school and gave a self-imposed reduction of five scholarships along with a two year ban, which was trying to handle the issue before the NCAA stepped in.

Rober DiGeronimo, the former athletic booster, said he did provide extra benefits to some players. The total amount of $2,405, including $200 each to Jordan Hall, Corey Brown and Terrelle Pryor.

Former head coach, Jim Tressel was forced to resign after it was found out that his players had excepted cash and tattoo’s from athletic booster Robert DiGeronimo, and did not report it.

For Tressel’s part who now works for the Indianapolis Colt’s in the NFL, received a five year show-cause penalty which would greatly hamper his ability to get a coaching job in the college ranks again since it would allow the NCAA to hit any school to hire him with sanctions.

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