Olympic Boat Made By Original Jimi Hendrix Guitar

In preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games, portions of one boat that will set sail to compete was made out an original guitar owned by Jimi Hendrix, making it one special craft like no other in the world.

One Olympic boat is made out of an original Hendrix guitar for the 2012 Games

Among the Hendrix guitar and many family heirlooms, other items that meant something to the donators in Southern England were, a piece of teak from China, a wood plank from the construction of an Olympic venue, and even a coat hanger.

“Many people don’t get to be exposed to the Games, unless they have a ticket to an event,” says boat builder Mark Covell. “This gives more people the chance to be a part of the celebrations and the cultural history of the Olympics.”

In all 1,221 pieces of personal wooden materials were used to construct the 30-foot sailing boat that took 2 years to construct.

“It was an enormous task,” explains Covell. “You needed to go above and beyond.”

The boat will be sailed around the South Eastern coast of England and will end up at the London 2012 Olympic venue in Weymouth, Dorset this August and will remain on display throughout the Olympic games.

A spokeswoman for the project said: “People from all walks of life responded by giving treasured items from all parts of the world and, more humbly, their garages. Each and every fascinating back-story was digitally recorded and photographed with its donor.”

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