Oregon Ducks Unveil Football Uniforms For Rose Bowl Game

Oregon Football Uniforms – Oregon college football fans are about to see new uniforms on their beloved Ducks. Some people say they look like Darth Vader clothing, but experts say it’s the Nike Pro Combat gear that make them different. Either way, the team is ready for the Rose Bowl on January 2.

Nike says they are the most advanced football uniform system in the world with 16 different synthetic materials, 11within the jersey and pants alone. Yes, you might say, “The Force” is strong in Oregon, and the gear is debatable with frequent changing. Will it be terrifying enough to win the Rose Bowl?

Nike CEO and co-founder Phil Knight has introduced more versions of the Ducks’ uniforms than we can count, and they always make a good college football topic.

The latest uniforms include bolder numbers to identify your favorite Ducks with an iridescent sheen similar to that of Vader’s cape. But what really makes it look like the Star Wars villain is the all-black visor that is begging for the voice of James Earl Jones. The style is slick and most fans seem to like it.

The normal colors are green and yellow, similar to the Green Bay Packers NFL team.

Nike has manufactured the uniforms for the University of Oregon since 1978. Previous jerseys featured a cooling system and other on-field technologies that prompted questions from the NFL itself. Students have enjoyed wearing the new clothing and testing out new ideas.

The program has also helped many students become designers and executives such as Dan Wieden and Tinker Hatfield.

Knight also donated $100 million to create the Oregon Athletics Legacy Fund. Additional funds were donated for athletic aspirations including the Knight Library, and the Knight Law Center.

However, the big test will be on the field on whether or not the Oregon football uniforms will change again.

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