OSU Michigan Score

OSU Michigan Score – OSU Michigan — the scores — the real biggest game of the year is just around the corner.

A victory for one team would be its eighth in a row over the other and would ensure a winning season for the Buckeyes. It could also save Luke Fickell his job, though that’s doubtful.

* OSU’s 2010 victory was vacated.


Miller’s pass is picked off by Avery with 39 seconds left. Robinson takes a knee to win the game 40-34 over the Buckeyes.

Ohio State spikes the ball on third down. 4th & 6 with 45 seconds left.

Miller misses his fifth or sixth wide open receivers.

3rd & 6, OSU uses its last timeout with 1:48 remaining.

OSU will get the ball at the 20-yard line with 1:59 remaining and one timeout.

Score Update: OSU 34–MICH 40

43-yard field-goal with 1:59 left in regulation.

Two calls against Michigan moves the ball back to the 26-yard line

The play is overturned. No touchdown.

Toussaint goes over 1,000 rush yards for the season.

The ruling on the field is a touchdown. the play is under review.

Six more yards on the ground and Michigan will have 300 for the game.

Back-to-back 15-yard runs by Robinson and Toussaint. Michigan is in the red zone. Both Toussaint and Robinson have over 100 yards.

Big pass by Robinson to Dileo. Michigan has the ball at midfield.