Packers And Brett Favre’s Number Retires In Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers have announced that it will retire Brett Favre’s number in good spirits. The Packers will make the move in a year or two to allow some time to heal old wounds after Favre parted ways in 2008.

Though for most of the 2007-08 season, the quarterback hinted at retiring in March of 2008, and that’s when the team started to prepare Aaron Rodgers to take the reins.

But then Favre had second thoughts about retirement and thought he could lead the team to another Superbowl if he played one more year.

The Packers, however, didn’t feel the same way and wanted to let their quarterback of the future, who had been sitting for several years in his shadow, take over.

Ultimately, after a public back and forth spat, he was released from the team and that’s when Favre signed with the New York Jets.

After playing for one year with the Jets, Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings for two years.

Favre arguably was the best and most-favored Packer in the history of the team, which easily deserves his number to be retired if it was just left at that.

But the once favorite of fans had turned into one of the most hated after departing from the team.

Even so, Packers president Mark Murphy told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Thursday that the team will retire Favre’s number, believing that time will heal all wounds, and the quarterback will once again become one of the most beloved ex-Packers.

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