Packers Fan Gets Even With Ex-Boyfriend Sign

Packers Ex-boyfriend Sign – Green Bay Packers fans are like no other. The Wisconsin city and its ticket-holders actually own the team, and season tickets are an invaluable commodity there. Most residents don’t have seats, but if you have a great neighbor, they might loan you their seats for a game.

As you can imagine, that made tickets to the Christmas game with the arch nemesis Bears the hottest (coldest?) ticket in town … and a great vehicle for REVENGE!

If her sign is to be believed, this female Packer backer not only dissed one jackass guy in particular, she let a national TV audience know she was smart enough to move on.

The sign read, “My cheating ex boyfriend is watching from couch instead.”

The fan is Annie Wagner, saying she and her friends had been bragging about the stunt on Facebook, but it appears that she has deleted her account because of too much publicity.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the guy actually saw this from the couch? “Ho-Ho-Home Field Advantage” isn’t terrible either …

The Packers ex-boyfriend sign has gone viral.

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