Penn State Shows Support With Blue Out

Penn State Blue Out – Penn State is going through a dark time now, that will see the student body, alumni and fans who attend Beaver Stadium, do a heartwarming act on Saturday by wearing blue. The “Blue Out” will bring awareness to the epidemic that is abuse to children.

This horrible act, ravaged the Penn State football program. As the alleged actions by one person, former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, have brought this once proud program to a crumbling pile of nothing.

On Saturday, the fans at Beaver Stadium will begin the healing process in mass. Already on campus there either has been, or are going to be, candle lit vigils for the victims of the grand jury report.

But the “Blue Out” on Saturday will be the biggest and best way for the university to band together and bring awareness to the children who may still be afraid to come out against their attackers. Seeing the crowd banded together with the blue t-shirts on and the blue ribbons everywhere will show that they have support and that they are not alone in whatever horrible things they feel and may be going through.

The “Blue Out” will help erase all of the bad public relation moves that this university has done in the previous week.

From the way they handled Joe Paterno’s press conference, by canceling it; to the way they fired the head coach and university president. Yes, all of those people had to go, as the cover up wrote their fates. But, the outcome of the way they fired Paterno, it brought the students to riot on the campus, which made the school look even worse.

Now, as we are almost a week since the grand jury report, that indicted Sandusky and linked almost everyone in charge at Penn State, we can start to move forward.

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