Peyton Manning May Reach Early Retirement At Indianapolis

Peyton Manning is due $28 million next season by the Colts, if owner Jim Irsay decides to keep him on board, but there are rumors brewing in the NFL that there might be an early retirement.

However, keep in mind that Peyton Manning is already a veteran, and while the rumors point to a retirement, he’s had a healthy career. but the quarterback’s neck injury still hasn’t healed properly.

Manning missed all of last season due to a neck injury that did not heal properly and had to have multiple surgeries to correct it. However it appeared Manning was finally on his way back to be able to play without complication, with talk of him even trying to play in the teams last couple games, but it was later decided he would not play.

Since the end of the season there has been quite a bit of drama surrounding whether Manning would ever be back in a Colt’s uniform due to the fact they have the number 1 pick in April’s NFL draft where they are excepted to take stud Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, that coupled with the GM and head coach among most everyone else in the organization being replaced and uncertainty over how well Manning would be coming back off the injury at 38-years-old.

Now over this past weekend, Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated, reported that his gut feeling tells him the injury is still bothering Manning and may have to miss the entire 2012 season now, and he may even be forced into retirement.

Former head coach of Manning’s, Tony Dungy, who also works for NBC said, “I don’t know where he is medically, but I do not think he is going to play for another team. I think if he’s healthy enough, he plays for the Colts. If he’s not healthy enough, he’ll retire.”

Either way the Colt’s have until March 8th to decide what to do before they are committed to have to pay Manning that $28 million whether to nor he plays. One thing that is apparent in Indy is that they are overhauling the team from top to bottom, which doesn’t look good for the chances of Manning playing in a Colt’s uniform again.

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