Prince Fielder Signed By Team His Father Played For

Prince Fielder has signed with the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday for a reported $214 million dollars over nine years, which makes him the first player to follow in the footsteps of his father, Cecil Cooper, on first base.

The pro-baseball player was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2002 and got his debut in a part time role in 2005 with the team. Since then he has been a slugger much like his father by belting 230 home runs, batted in 656 runs and has 996 hits under his belt. In fact he is the youngest player to hit 50 home runs in a season, and was the first Brewer to win a Home Run Derby at an All-Star break. He also possesses good defensive skills at first base.

After his contract ended last season it was pretty much a given that the Brewers would not be able to afford to re-sign him, however GM Doug Melvin called Tuesday, “somewhat of a sad day,” when asked about it by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“Scott (Boras, Fielder’s agent) said from Day 1 it was going to be $200 million,” Melvin told the newspaper. “When you hear those kinds of numbers, we couldn’t get involved in that. All I can say is we had the feeling it was going to be very difficult to keep him.”

The Tigers made it to the American League Championship Series last year, losing to the Texas Rangers, now with the addition of Fielder they greatly improved their line-up and look to be poised for another post season run in a weak division.

Prince’s dad, Cecil played for Detroit from 1990 to 1996 also belting 50 home runs in one season in 1990. Fielder’s time with Detroit was more time then he spent with any other team in his career, which included time with, the Blue Jays, Yankees, Angels, Indians, and a one year stint with Japanese team the, Hanshin Tigers, mixed in.

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