Prince Harry Challenges Usain Bolt In Jamaica

Prince Harry In Jamaica – This past week Prince Harry made a visit to Jamaica were he challenged the reigning ‘World’s Fastest Man’ Usain Bolt to a race at the University of the West Indies in Kingston. Could this even be a race? Despite the humor, they both showed up on the track to compete, but it was more about history in the making.

In front of an excited crowd Harry distracted Bolt before taking off down the track, leaving the Olympic star in his dust. A laughing Bolt then jogged down to the end of the track to make some of his signature skyward pointing poses with the prince.

With Bolt by his side Prince Harry then spoke to the crowd which also included some of the nations top up and coming track athletes. “Don’t go running off to America, because you have a clear talent your country needs,” he said.

He also commented on how astounding it was that Jamaica has become a top track and field competitor among the worlds biggest nations considering the small population of around 3 million in the tiny island country.

The prince has been making his rounds to all the Caribbean island nations that still have ties to the British monarchy in celebration of Queen Elisabeth’s 60 year Diamond Jubilee.

While Jamaica became independent of British rule in 1962 they still recognize the Queen as a titular head of state. Being the 50 year celebration of that independence, new Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, would like to see Jamaica severe ties with the British Monarchy all together, though she made it clear Jamaican’s have a great love for the Queen.

She spoke with Prince Harry about the situation as they met for lunch.

“This is just another phase in our political history,” she told reporters after the lunch, without offering a deadline for a possible change.

PM Miller however, wanted to make clear that her and the people’s wishes were not due to ill-will towards the Queen. “She is so warm. We’re all in love with her,” she said.

In an interview Thursday with The Associated Press, Simpson Miller said political change is necessary to eliminate the vestiges of colonialism.

“I think the fact that August coming will be 50 years since we have gained our independence, that it’s time for us to sever the ties,” she said.

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