R.A. Dickey Reveals Abuse By Babysitter In New Book

Knuckleball Pitcher R.A. Dickey, who has seen his career revised with the New York Mets in recent years, has written an autobiography in which he reveals sexual abuse by a female babysitter and another teenage boy when he was a child.

Prior to becoming a knuckleballer Dickey, 37, had been drafted by the Texas Rangers in 1996 and offered an $810,000 contract, but after it was discovered he was missing a ligament in his throwing arm that should have prevented him from turning a doorknob without pain much less be a major league pitcher, the Rangers offer was dropped down to $75,000.

Dickey toiled in mediocrity for several years in baseball before transforming himself into a knuckleballer and signing a minor league deal with the Mets. After pitching well in the minors he was eventually called up in early 2010 and in his third start, pitched a one hitter against the Phillies. Since then Dickey has been a fixture in the Mets rotation and become a huge fan favorite.

Dickey has since written an autobiography called, “Wherever I May Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball.” In the book Dickey revealed as an 8-year-old boy he was sexually abused by his 13-year-old female babysitter several times. Dickey also revealed he was sexually abused by a 17-year-old boy on one occasion.

He writes of the babysitter, “The babysitter chucks the pillows and stuffed animals out of the way. She looks at me and says, Get in the bed. I am confused and afraid. I am trembling. The babysitter has her way with me four or five more times that summer, and into the fall, and each time feels more wicked than the time before.”

Dickey revealed he had not told anyone of the abuse until 8 years after he was married to his wife. He had also started writing the book in 2005 but after several emotional episodes had to stop writing.

In the book he also revealed that he once thought about suicide after having an extramarital affair. And that while pitching with the Texas Rangers, he noticed a syringe in the clubhouse bathroom but thought nothing of it since at the time it was common place in baseball to see such things.

The book is due for release on Thursday, March 29th.

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