Rafael Nadal Leg Cramps, Collapses In Chair

During his post-match press conference, Rafael Nadal encountered leg cramps and collapsed in his chair, after one of his toughest matches ever and probably the most humid day of the US Open.

The press conference followed Nadal’s tough third-round match against his good friend, David Nalbandian. He advanced in straight sets over Nalbandian, but it was by no means an easy match.

Nadal was up a service break in the first set. Nadal fought back and won the set, but not before they went to a tiebreaker. In total, the match was just about three hours long.

As he sat in a chair, Nadal stops in his tracks and is unable to engage the media in attendance. The tennis player slumps to the floor, as it was the only comfortable spot, he could manage to find.

Thankfully, Nadal was back on his feet talking and laughing rather quickly. He said that it was nothing more than a cramp, and it was nothing that he had not encountered before.

No matter how minor, you have to be concerned as Nadal moves on to his Round of 16 match against Gilles Muller.

Nadal admitted that he wasn’t able to prepare for this tournament in the way he usually prefers to. As the tournament rolls on, we are more likely to see things come apart for him thanks to his preparation being thrown off.