Rafael Nadal Expensive Watch Found After Being Stolen

Police in Paris say that they have found Rafael Nadal’s very expensive watch after he reported it stolen. The tennis player won the French Open title on Monday.

The watch worth $376,000 was on loan to Nadal from Luxury watchmaker Richard Mille, while he was in the French capitol for the major tennis tournament. Mille had lent the watch to Nadal to wear in hopes to get a little publicity, he got a little more than he bargained for.

Nadal had reported that the watch had gone missing sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning out of his hotel room. Police say that on Tuesday evening an employee working at the hotel came forward and confessed to the robbery.

They were later able to locate the watch next to a railway in the south Parisian suburb of Corbeil-Essones, near the suspects home, were he hid it, according to a Le Parisien newspaper report, who quoted an unnamed police source.

The 39-year-old employee, who works as a bartender, reportedly confessed that he had used a magnetic swipe card to gain access to Nadal’s room and took the watch.

Nadal was said to have praised the police for a good job and also praised the unnamed luxury Paris hotel, after hearing of the arrest.

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