Randy Moss Settles For San Francisco 49ers

Randy Moss officially ended his one-year retirement by signing a deal with the San Francisco 49ers.

Though the amount has yet been revealed, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports it is a one-year deal and that Randy Moss said of the decision that it was a “no-brainer.’

“I’m not a free agent. I’m a guy straight off the couch, straight off the street,” the wide receiver said. “One thing I want the sports world to understand is the love and passion I have for football.”

Moss went on to talk about his perceived work ethic on the field in the past, where it seems that he plays when he wants to, a perception that would not seem to mesh well with a head coach like Jim Harbaugh.

“The thing about me being here is they’ve done their research on me. When it comes to the worldwide sports media, I’ve gotten a bad rap,” Moss said. “They’ve done their homework on me or they wouldn’t have brought me in here… (The questions were) more of me not being a team player and things like that. I don’t want to get into that.”

He added about his new coach, “Harbaugh is a young, enthusiastic coach. I love enthusiasm. A lot of things stood out to me.”

A relationship between Moss and Harbaugh has apparently gotten off to a good start, for now, as it was actually the head coach who threw the passes to Moss for his workout. “Yes, he can still bring it at his old age. I don’t know, he’s probably sitting there with an ice pack or something on his shoulder right now,” Moss said. “He can still wing it.”

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