Roger Goodell: Tim Tebow Represents NFL Player Values

Roger Goodell is providing Tim Tebow with support and hope that he will be picked up in the NFL going forward. The young quarterback needs all the help he can get right now if he wants to stay in the football league.

In an interview with Steve Wyche of NFL Network, Goodell was asked about Tebow’s future in the NFL.

“Well, he’s a great young man. And I try to stay out of the decisions about who should be playing in the NFL and on what team. But as a young man, he’s just a super young guy, and I sure hope he’s part of the NFL going forward.” Goodell also believes that Tebow represents NFL values. “He’s just a terrific young man and represents all of the values that I think all of our players do. I’m very proud of our players. I think, as a group, they’re extraordinary young men, and I love to see the things they’re doing in the community. They’re obviously great athletes on the field, but these are great young men, and Tim’s a good example of that.”

Tebow hasn’t been chosen this year by an NFL year, which shows that his skill set doesn’t fit everywhere, and his lack of development under center remains a concern for coaches.

Regardless of Tebow’s numbers since suiting up for the Denver Broncos, however, he has been good for the NFL. His marketability alone is easily among the best in the league, and along with his improvisation on the field, he is a very unpredictable player.

Furthermore, no one will question his undying work ethic.

What occurred with the New York Jets was simply unfortunate, as Gang Green was already in dire straits before Tebow came aboard.

Mixing him into the drama only inflated the Jets’ messy situation, but having Tebow at the heart of it kept both the Jets and the NFL in the headlines.

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