Ron Santo Finally Gets Into Hall Of Fame

Ron Santo – Cubs third basemen and later broadcaster Ron Santo always kept rooting for causes. But there are three causes that are dearest to him that include seeing his Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, doctors to find a cure for diabetes, and for him to reach the Hall of Fame. On Monday, Cooperstown finally came calling.

The same man that used to click his heels to victory was finally elected into the Hall of Fame. It was an overwhelming vote, chosen by the Veterans Committee, nearly a year to the day after he died hoping for this very honor.

“It’s really exciting, because so many years that we had parties over to his house in spring training saying this is the year, I’d tell him this is the year you’re going in,” said Hall of Fame teammate Billy Williams, a member of the voting panel. “The one thing, of course, is he’s not here to enjoy it, but his family will. He long awaited this, and we’re all happy. I know I’m happy, his family is happy, the fans of Chicago are happy.”

Santo was a nine-time all-star, hit 342 home runs and won five Gold Gloves. He was a Cubs broadcaster for two decades, beloved by the home crowd for the way he eagerly cheered for his favorite team on the air, hollering “Yes! Yes!” or “All right!” after good plays and groaning “Oh, no!” or “It’s bad” when things went wrong.

Despite suffering from diabetes, he carefully concealed the condition for most of his career. The disease eventually necessitated the amputation of the lower half of both legs. Santo died at 12:40 am on December 3, 2010 in a Scottsdale, Arizona, hospital due to complications from bladder cancer and diabetes.

Shortly after the announcement, Santo’s flag, white with blue pinstripes, plus his name and No. 10, was flying from the center pole atop the scoreboard at Wrigley Field.