​Ronda Rousey Mayweather Match Could Be Pound-For-Pound

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May 24, 2021

Ronda Rousey is part of a Floyd Mayweather debate on whether she could go up against him in a pound-for-pound boxing match. All of this attention has surprised Rousey, who has been in Cannes, France, this week promoting the new “Expendables” film.

She attended the event after strings were pulled by Hollywood bigwigs to get the UFC women’s bantamweight champ there for promotion. She isn’t present, yet her presence always seems to be felt.

All along the walls of the MGM Grand press room, giant banners of the UFC champions hang. So Rousey was never very far from attention.

The Californian has her next fight lined up, Alexis Davis on July 5 at UFC 175, but the fuss about her meeting Mayweather is a fight that will never happen. No commission would sanction it, and they’re not even in the same sport, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation.
UFC president Dana White, for one, isn’t backing off his position because he believes Mayweather would dominate Rousey. However, put Mayweather in an octagon, and he’s a fish out of water. Not only would Rousey win, but she’d win big.

“Listen I get it. It’s hard for guys to wrap their brains around that one,” White said in his UFC 173 pre-fight media scrum. “Ronda wouldn’t beat him. She’d hurt him badly. She’d hurt him badly.”

White said the only people who doubt that are men who blindly believe men will always beat women in combat sports. But anyone with any real experience in training MMA knows better, he believes. Mayweather, with no experience in anything other than boxing, would go for a ride and maybe get an arm ripped off.

On May 22, USA Today reported that the “fiery UFC boss wanted to make it very clear that he wasn’t the one to first discuss the potential outcome of the hypothetical male vs. female inter-sport matchup, but he seemed absolutely convinced that under the right set of circumstances, Rousey would physically hurt the man who calls himself the best ever.”

The Rousey-Mayweather debate is clearly just fun stuff to talk about.