Russ Berkman Loses Masters Ticket After Dog Eats It

Maybe the ‘my dog ate my homework’ excuse isn’t so far fetched after all, as one golf fan from the state of Washington learned when his dog ate his coveted Masters golf tournament ticket.

The annual golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia is probably the biggest golfing event of the year and tickets cannot just be bought to the event, you have to win the chance to buy them in a lottery because of the huge demand for them.

Russ Berkman of Seattle tells KJR Sports Radio that after he won the chance to buy four tickets, his dog, Sierra, had decided to eat all four them one day when he had to run some errands.

When he returned home and discovered evidence that the dog had eaten the tickets, he called his girlfriend in a panic to see what he should do.

Berkman tells the radio station that, “She says, ‘You have to make the dog puke.” She knew of way that veterinarians safely induce vomiting in dogs by mixing water and hydrogen peroxide.

“It bubbles in their stomach; it’s very safe, and they puke in about 10 minutes,” he said. “About 10 minutes later she did what she was supposed to, which was puke up the Masters tickets.”

After Sierra puked out the chewed up bits and pieces of the tickets, Berkman tried to piece back together to no avail. However, luckily when he called the ticket office and explained what had happened, they happily re-issued him a new set of tickets and Berkman made it to the tournament, and hopefully bought Sierra a new chew toy.

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