San Diego Padres Sell to Former Dodger’s Owner Peter O’Malley

On Thursday, Major League Baseball (MLB) announced that the San Diego Padres have a new ownership group.

The California team will be handed over to a fresh group of owners who include former Dodger’s owner Peter O’Malley, his sons Brian O’Malley and Kevin O’Malley, his nephews Peter Seidler and Tom Seidler, pro golfer Phil Mickelson, and local businessman Ron Fowler, and San Diegan. The team is valued at $800 million.

“This group understands the Padres’ binding role in the community, and I believe that its collective long-term vision and passion will serve the fans of San Diego well in the years ahead,” stated Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig in a statement.

“I’m very happy to say we approve the sale of the San Diego Padres,” Selig announced. “We’re very delighted. They made a great presentation all along. I will say, as I’ve said to the clubs, this is actually the easiest transaction I’ve had in a long time. Those are the best kind.”

According to, Fowler, Seidler, and Kevin O’Malley made a presentation on Wednesday to the owners group.

John Moores, longtime Padres owner, stated to Bloom, “It was an out of body experience. It was more emotional than I thought. It’s been 18 years.”

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