Sean Payton Gets Suspended From New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton is considering an appeal for his one-year suspension without pay from the New Orleans Saints, which may allow him to coach through the process.

According to Payton’s agent who talked to the AP, “no decisions have been made about an appeal.”

Meanwhile, Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is attending the owner’s meetings in Florida this week said, “I said in a letter they have to appeal by April 2, I believe.”

Adding, “If he decides to appeal, I probably will allow him to continue, and I would expedite the hearing and I would expedite my decision.”

Payton is also attending the meetings which covers rule’s changes and discuss player safety, among other topics. He attended the Commissioners State of the League address on Monday and is expected to speak in front of the owners later in the meetings.

Meanwhile there have been several reports that Payton is trying to convince former and Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells to take over the Saints for the one year he will be out. Parcells has admitted that Payton has reached out to him several times but has yet to be contacted by the Saints organization.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Payton and Parcells are expected to meet at the meetings in Florida sometime this week to further discuss the possibility. Sean Payton’s suspension goes into effect next week.

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