Serena Imitated By Caroline Wozniacki Is Best Performance On Court

Caroline Wozniacki performed her impression of what Serena Williams looks like on the court.

During an exhibition match the 22-year-old Danish professional tennis player stuffed towels in her shorts and top prior to scoring a point against Maria Sharapova.

Wozniacki’s imitation has brought in mixed reviews on-line.

Yahoo! Sports called the impression “hilarious” and said that the resemblance was “uncanny.”

However, some bloggers expressed their disliking of her actions. Some people have even gone as far as calling her racist.

Huffington Post reported, one person wrote on a Tumblr page, “Wozniacki stuffed her bra and underwear so that she could appear like Serena. It may have been done in ‘jest,’ but I love how people can turn a black woman’s body and sexuality into a caricature. However, we should not have the autonomy to celebrate any successes of our own.”

Newburgh, Indiana resident Mike Mammoser states “No! There is nothing racist about what she did. Serena has huge boobs and a big butt, we all know that! Caroline was poking fun at Serena’s physical stature (which is amazing). It’s not like Caroline came out with leg irons on eating fried chicken and watermelon! That would be racist.”

Here’s the video:

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