Stan Van Gundy Wants To Be Fired, Tired Of Living Lies

Orlando Magic’s coach Stan Van Gundy got tired of living the lies, so he let everyone in on a secret: Dwight Howeard has asked hiim to be fired multiple times. The All-Star center, who waffled in his trade demands earlier this season, has indeed requested that Magic ownership fire him.

“I was told it was true by people in our management,” Van Gundy said. “Right from the top.”

“Since everything came out yesterday,” he said, referencing the report that Howard had demanded that ownership make a coaching change. “You know you’re going to get asked and think about how you’re going to respond and the whole thing. The only thing I’m ever uncomfortable with is bullls***. To come in and ‘no comment’ or deny that it’s true and everything like that… The only thing that ever liberates me is to be honest with what’s out there. Some people have a hard time with that. To me that’s a lot easier to deal with than bulls***.”

Iif Van Gundy was upset by all of this, he didn’t show it. He made his comments in a steady voice while sipping on a can of soda.

“You guys think that’s crazy but that’s honestly the truth,” he said. “I said this before, I don’t care about that stuff. It’s 12:02 right now, if they want to fire me at 12:05, I’ll go home and find something to do. I’ll go home and have a good day. What I’m worried about is at 7 o’clock tonight, are we going to be able to guard Carmelo Anthony? That concerns the hell out of me.”

Midway through Van Gundy’s comments, Howard came over and put his arm around his coach. Shortly thereafter, Van Gundy exited stage left.

With Van Gundy gone, Howard took center stage, and it appeared that he was unaware of what Van Gundy had revealed to the media. He went on to deny the report, despite reporters telling him directly on multiple occasions that Van Gundy had just confirmed it.

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