Terrell Owens Seeks Apology, Plans To Sue Wranglers

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens wants the Allen “Wranglers” IFL team to publicly apologize for the reason’s given for his release from the team last week and pay him his money they owe him.

The indoor team that Owens had signed with this season after unsuccessfully getting a contract with an NFL team, cut him last week after they alleged he refused to play in two of the teams upcoming road games while they were fighting for a playoff spot. They then added insult to injury by stating Owens refused to appear at a scheduled appearance at a children’s hospital with his teammates, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for them.

However, now it may appear Owens had good reason to stop playing for the team. He claims that before being cut, the team was going broke and had not paid him his last 4 game checks. Also in his contract he was given a share of ownership in the team which entitled him to a cut of concessions and merchandise sales, which Owens claims he has not seen.

An unidentified Wrangler coach also confirmed to TMZ the real reason T.O. was cut was they could not afford him anymore and the team was broke. Owens also claims when he was cut he was offered an embarrassing $50 buyout of his portion of ownership.

An Owen’s attorney said, T.O. is most upset for the excuse that he “refused” to attend the children’s hospital appearance, when in actuality, which a team public relations representative later admitted, the foul was due to them giving Owens the wrong date. That is what Owen’s wants the apology for, according to the attorney.

TMZ is reporting that if Owens doesn’t receive his apology and 4 game checks worth $160,000 from owner Jon Frankel by Tuesday, he says he will file a lawsuit against the team.

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