Tiger Woods Trained In Navy SEAL Program To Determine Demands

Tiger Woods’ former swing coach Hank Haney’s writes in his tell-all book about his time working for the golfer, he says that Woods had a desire to become a Navy SEAL.

In “The Big Miss,” Haney claims that Tiger Woods once undertook a program that approximated the training. “The purpose was a sort of ‘dry run’ to determine whether he could physically and mentally handle the demands, and if so, whether he wanted to go forward with actually becoming a Navy SEAL,” Haney continued.

Haney writes, “To my knowledge, he did training in parachuting, self-defense, urban-warfare simulations and shooting.”

However, both the Navy and Woods are denying what Haney has written. SEAL spokesman Capt. William Fenick told FOXSports.com that the pro-golfer had visited the Naval Special Warfare Center on Coronado Island, near San Diego a couple of times, but it was more of a “walk and talk,” and that he has not visited since 2006.

“We never understood his visits to mean he was interested in becoming a SEAL,” said Capt. Fenick.

This week Woods is participating in the Honda Classic tournament and during a news conference on Wednesday a reporter asked him about the Navy SEAL part of Haney’s book. He refused to answer the question directly.

“I’ve already talked about everything,” and after the reporter wanted Woods to elaborate on that, the disgruntled golfer just said, “you’re a beauty,” and then stopped taking anymore questions from him by saying, “have a nice day.”

Woods’ late father Earl was formally a part of a Special Forces Unit during his time in Vietnam.

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