Tim Tebow ‘Lightning Rod’ For Jockey

The “Tebow” Effect has been unleashed by underwear company Jockey and there’s no doubt that it is trying to take full advantage of the recent phenomenon by releasing a new ad campaign featuring the shirtless Denver Broncos quarterback for the “Sport stay-cool” collection.

The ad campaign was released on Monday and has the caption of, “Playoffs. It’s Tebow Time.” The photo is featured on the front page of the Jockey website.

The chief marketing officer of Jockey, Dustin Cohn says, “The charismatic quarterback appeals to men and women.” Then adding that Tebow has been a “lightning rod” for the Jockey brand.

“Its very exciting for us. He is the hottest athlete in the country today. He’s trending among elite celebrity status,” Cohn says.

Jockey was founded in 1876 by Samuel T. Cooper as a hosiery company, with it starting to make underwear in 1900. In 1934 Jockey invented the first men’s Y-Front brief. Now the company says with the help of Tebow, the ‘stay-cool’ collection is the fastest selling in the Jockey’s 135 year history.

Tebow was drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft by the Denver Broncos after playing his college years for the Florida Gators, where he won the Heisman Trophy and two BCS Championships.

Aside from Jockey, Tim Tebow is a spokesman for Nike and FRS energy drink.

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