TJ Ford Announces Retirement After Spinal Back Injury

NBA point guard TJ Ford has announced his abrupt retirement on Twitter after suffering a scare to his surgically repaired spine during a game last week that left him motionless on the court.

Ford was a college superstar for the Texas Longhorn’s and was in his eight NBA season playing for the San Antonio Spurs. Ford was selected with the eight overall pick by the Milwaukee Bucks after only playing 2 years of college ball in 2003.

While playing for the Bucks in 2004 Ford was injured when he received a hard foul from Minnesota Timberwolves center Mark Madsen. Ford was knocked to the floor, where he fell on his tail bone and suffered a concussion. It was later revealed Ford suffered a career threatening injury with a contusion to his spinal chord and had to have surgery to repair it. The injury and surgery caused Ford to miss an entire year of basketball.

Since then Ford really had not had any affects from that injury as he bounced from team to team before landing with the Spurs this season. However, last Wednesday in a game against the New York Knicks, Ford was elbowed by Knicks point guard Baron Davis in his surgically repaired back. Ford fell to the ground and laid motionless on the court for some time before being able to get up and gingerly walk off the court with help.

”If it’s anybody else, it’s just a regular play,” Ford said at a Spurs practice before Monday’s game against Washington. ”But because of me and my condition, a simple elbow in the back has a different outcome than hitting someone else in the back.”

That has scared Ford enough to call it quits and walk away from the game while he still can. He tweeted on Monday, “Official ‘I Retire from the NBA’ as of today. Thanks to all my fans who follow my career since a kid from all over the world. Basketball has been great to me and my family for 28yrs. Today will be a new beginning in life.”

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