Tom Coughlin Is Already Back To Work (PHOTO)

Tom Coughlin is ready to go back to work and has no intention of riding off into the sunset, but he did say he needed the ownership’s approval to continue coaching the New York Giants.

With the Giants’ 21-17 victory over the Patriots on Sunday night, Tom Coughlin became the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl at 65 years old. The Giants coach is looking forward to the annual Scouting Combine that begins in a few weeks and getting to work on next season’s team. While sidestepping questions about his legacy and whether he’s a “better” coach than New England’s Bill Belichick, Coughlin was more direct when asked if he plans to continue coaching the Giants.

“I certainly hope so. My intentions are to be that way,” Coughlin said. “I do have some ownership that has to give approval, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning repeatedly mentioned the young players who stepped up following a slew of early-season injuries, and the Giants’ bright future because of their development.

“I’m excited about a number of young guys who stepped up this season,” Manning said. “There were some questions going into the beginning of the season on a few spots, but that quickly got answered. You’re going to need young players to come in and play a role, and give you a chance to win a championship.”

The emergence of those players helped complete a dramatic turnaround for Coughlin, who was facing serious questions about his job security following a Week 15 loss to Washington that left the Giants at 7-7. They then reeled off six consecutive victories, culminating with the franchise’s fourth Super Bowl title.

The 88-yard game-winning touchdown drive orchestrated by Manning on Sunday night embodied a team that continually fought through adversity.

Coughlin had no interest in discussing what his second Super Bowl title in four years does for his legacy as a coach. Like his quarterback, he is excited for the Giants organization and the players, especially those who experienced their first Super Bowl victory.

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