Urban Meyer Says No Truth To Ohio State Coaching Job

Urban Meyer Ohio State

Urban Meyer Ohio State – Just as Ohio State was about to tee up the ball for the opening kickoff against Penn State on Saturday afternoon, Urban Meyer was in Ann Arbor, wrapping up ESPN’s telecast of the Michigan-Nebraska game.

Maybe Meyer will chill out in the trendy college town for a week and meet the Buckeyes when they arrive for Saturday’s annual showdown against the Wolverines. That way he can eyeball the storied rivalry and learn instantly the importance of beating “that team up north,” Woody Hayes’ defamatory reference to Michigan.

Hey, isn’t waylaying the Wolverines one of the requirements of a successful OSU coach? Wasn’t that a big part of John Cooper’s undoing?

But Meyer isn’t coaching the Buckeyes. Technically, that’s true, of course. But the internet isn’t interested in technicalities. And there was enough Meyer-to-Ohio-State traffic on the Web last week to clog I-71 all the way from Mansfield to Medina.

One supposedly clued-in tweeter disclosed that last Wednesday, he tracked a small private jet flying from Gainesville, Fla., to the Ohio State airport and back to Gainesville the same day. Meyer lives in Gainesville, where he coached the University of Florida to two national championships before quitting in 2010.

Before the game in Ann Arbor on Saturday, Meyer was quoted as saying, “There is no truth to that,” when asked if he had agreed to coach Ohio State.

“I know it’s that time of year,” he said. “But I’ve not been offered any job, and I certainly haven’t accepted any job.”