Vladimir Guerrero Workout With Cleveland Indians

Vladimir Guerrero – Vladimir Guerrero will not be playing for the Cleveland Indians.

In spite of Monday’s report of Guerrero’s recent workout with the Indians, he will not be picked up by the team.

Chris Antonetti, Cleveland’s general manager, reported to the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, “Guerrero approached the team about a workout and the team obliged. However, Guerrero can’t play the field, and the team already has Travis Hafner as a DH. There was thought that Guerrero could play some in the field, but it appears that’s not an option.”

Fern Cuza, Guerrero’s agent, stated to CBSSports.com Insider Jon Heyman, “Guerrero will look into playing in Japan if he doesn’t have an offer from a big-league team at the end of spring training. There is just one week left in Spring, so that may be his only option, that is if there is a position available in Japan.

Last season, in Baltimore, Vladimir had 13 home runs and in 2010, he finished 11th in MVP voting with the Rangers. In addition, he won a Silver Slugger and made the All-Star team with 29 home runs and 115 RBI’s. The 37-year-old right fielder and designated hitter is a career .318/.379/.553 hitter, with a total of 449 home runs and 2,590 hits.

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