Wide Receiver In Buffalo Tweets HIV Test Results

One NFL wide-receiver decided to Tweet his HIV test results on Twitter Tuesday night for no apparent reason, unless he wanted his potential sex partners to feel better, or perhaps he was bored.

Considered a deep reserve wide receiver, currently for the Buffalo Bills, David Clowney, has yet to find a permanent home with any NFL team in his 5 year career. But Clowney became just a bit more famous after Tweeting a copy of his ‘negative’ HIV test results he received from the doctors office.

“Got My HIV Results Back!! Thank God for keeping my body healthy,” David wrote, in a caption along with the photo.

The latest tweet by Clowney is just another in a long line of controversial tweets by athletes who since Twitter inception have been able let emotions and feelings recklessly fly from many pro-athletes, without censorship, which has started to paint them in a different light then what we were normally use to in the mainstream media.

After controversial tweets last year by running backs Rashard Mendenhall and Reggie Bush, experts blamed a lack of media training for some of the things athletes so openly post, and don’t realize it is actually harming their brand.

“You can start up a business and you can build a brand very quickly” with Twitter, said Gene Grabowski, a senior vice president with Levick Strategic Communications in Washington. “But the downside is, you can destroy a brand very quickly.”

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