Wife Douses Husband With Beer At Chicago Game

A wife thanks her husband for protecting her from a home-run ball, as she douses him with beer. “I figured if I’m wet, he might as well be wet too,” Ellen said on video.

On Sunday, the couple was attending a Chicago Cubs verses the New York Mets game at Wrigley Field. While the man attempted to save his wife from a home run ball hit by Cubs’ pitcher Travis Wood, he accidentally spilt some of his beer on her.

So, instead of thanking her husband, she chose to douse him with the rest of her beer.

“I just got livid,” the woman, identified only as Ellen, told MLB, laughing. “And took my beer and splooshed it in his face.”

She said she would have never expected their performance would have made it to television. Nevertheless, she knew she was busted when they began receiving text messages.

When asked if her husband is still in the doghouse, Ellen stated, “I think I got my payback. I think we’re good.”

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