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Irish Genome Irish Genome Unveils Familiar Pattern Of Early Migration From Middle East To Ireland History

Irish genome reveals a still-familiar pattern of migration from the Middle East. The genome discovery was made the scientists in Dublin and Belfast after looking deep into Ireland’s early history that show a familiar pattern of migration from the east, […]

42 Ancient Mastodon Bones: Contractor Finds Ice Age Bones In Neighbor’s Backyard

Contractor find 42 ancient mastodon bones in his neighbor’s backyard in Michigan. Bellevue Township resident Daniel LaPoint Jr. has been digging in the dirt for two decades but he’d never seen anything like this, according to USA Today. What he […]

Alien Like Skulls Found At Burial Site Not Seen Before

Alien like bones and skulls have been found in an unexpected place where scientists had not previously seen cranial deformation and dental mutilation in either Sonora or the American Southwest. Archeologists report that of the 25 burials, 17 were children […]

Ramses III Throat Slit After Murder Plot By Wife, Son

Ramses III, who was an Egyptian Paharaoh and whose death has been a mystery for centuries, had his throat slit in a murder plot orchestrated by his wife and son. New evidence surrounding this mysterious murder plot has been unveiled […]