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IndyCar Race Boston IndyCar Race Boston Rift With Officials Leads Organizers To Look For Another City For Grand Prix

The IndyCar race in Boston won’t be happening anytime soon as organizers are now looking for a back-up city for the Grand Prix. The relationship between Boston officials and race promoters had gone foul, and both are pointing fingers at […]

Mayor: Snowbank Leaping From Windows Is Very Dangerous

The Mayor of Boston is asking residents to stop leaping out of their windows and into snowbanks. There’s a trend of recorded videos being posted on the Internet of people jumping off their homes and into the snow. Mayor Marty […]

Boston Victim One Fund Passes Deadline

Boston Marathon One Fund deadline passes with 188 new claims filed, according to deputy administrator Camille Biros. “We’re well on our way to getting everybody,” Biros said. “We know we have the most seriously injured.” Three people were killed, and […]

Kevin Spacey Photobomb Shocks Tourist In Photo

Kevin Spacey gave a tourist in Boston the shock of her life with a photobomb. The image was later posted on Reddit, by a friend of the woman in the infamous picture. The caption stated, “So yesterday in Boston my […]

Virgin Mary Statue Unearthed Boston Just In Time For Christmas

A Virgin Mary statue was unearthed in a Boston suburb at an assisted living facility just in time for Christmas. The four-foot concrete statue was found in the ground last week during construction in an area next to the Golden […]

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