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BP Eyes More Spending Cuts BP Eyes More Spending Cuts Amid More Bad News From Oil Giant

BP eyes more spending cuts after reporting an 80 percent drop in profits in the first quarter of the year, when oil prices touched a 13-year low, FOX Business reports. The company, the first major to report on one of […]

BP Lawyer: BP Alleges Fictitious Claims

BP has complained that a lawyer in Louisiana who is administering its settlement with tens of thousands of Gulf Coast businesses and residents has made decisions that expose BP to what could be billions of dollars in fictitious claims arising […]

U.S. Bans BP From New Government Contracts After Oil Spill Deal In Gulf

The U.S. levied another punishment against BP Wednesday over the 2010 Deep Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, by banning the company from receiving any future government contracts. The ban was announced by the Environmental Protection Agency and […]

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