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Italy Unsold Food Law Italy Unsold Food Law Requires All Supermarkets To Donate Waste Items

Italy’s unsold food law is set to pass and will require supermarkets to give items to charities before they hit the dumpster. The country will become the second European country after France to pass this law that bans supermarket to […]

Cat Food Recall Issued For Diamond Over Thiamine Levels

Diamond Pet Foods has issued a cat food recall across 25 states that may contain drastically low levels of thiamine. Felines being fed the affected product are at risk of developing a thiamine deficiency. Symptoms of thiamine deficiency include: ventriflexation […]

Science Of Addictive Junk Food: Unhealthy Lunchables To Cakes

The science of large addictive snacks or junk food is overwhelming, and much of it is psychology that makes a person buy it again in the grocery store based on smell and taste. In fact, you might not be able […]

Hitler’s Food Taster Margot Woelk Says Fuhrer Was Vegetarian

Adolf HItler’s food had to be checked for poison before each meal, and that’s why he hired a taster. For more than two years, Margot Woelk was that person who risked her life for Germany’s Fuhrer. She feasted on fresh […]