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Clinton On Dealing With Bullies Clinton On Dealing With Bullies: Trump Claims Public Event Staged As Campaign Attack

Clinton on dealing with bullies? It was a rare occurrence that Hillary Clinton got emotional when discussing bullying with a young attendee at her Iowa town hall event on Tuesday. 10-year-old Hannah Tandy questioned the former Secretary of State about […]

Mo Brooks: Hillary Clinton Will Be Impeached Over Private Emails

Mo Brooks tells presidential hopeful that she could be impeached on her first day as President. Hillary Clinton could face troubled times because the Republican said that he thought her exclusive use of a private email account as secretary of […]

Claire McCaskill: Hillary Clinton Support For 2016 Presidential Election

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is lending her support to Hillary Clinton, hoping to draw her into the next presidential race in 2016, which is quite interesting if she is to run against Vice-President Joe Biden. The Missouri Senator signed on […]

Hillary Falls Asleep In Myanmar During Obama Speech

Hillary Clinton nods her head lightly and then falls asleep during President Obama’s speech at the University Of Yangon in Myanmar, also known as Burma. Hopefully, the president gave her Thanksgiving day off for some well-deserved sleep. When you’re that […]