Essential News|Monday, March 12, 2021
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Daylight Savings Time Begins On Sunday, You Will Lose 1 Hour

By Bill Waters

Daylight Saving Time will come on Sunday, March 11, so don’t be left behind. Remember to move your clocks forward by one hour.

One Million Moms Ends Anti-DeGeneres JCP Campaign

Pat Prescott

One Million Moms - After asking for a boycott of the restructured JCP stores over the fact they had hired talk show host and gay-activist Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson, advocacy group ‘One Million Moms’ is now ending the campaign [...]

Mystic Pizza Restaurant From Movie Has Accounts Seized By IRS

Pat Prescott

Mystic Pizza IRS - Owners John Zelepos, George Zelepos and Christos Zelepos of the famous Mystic Pizza restaurant have had $60,000 taken from their accounts by the U.S. Treasury Department. In 1988 Mystic Pizza, the real restaurant became famous in [...]

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