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Teens Shut Down Mall Teens Shut Down Mall After String Of Unruly Disturbances Prompted Police To Break Up Fights

Teens shut down mall in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday night after a string of unruly disturbances. About 2,000 teens were fighting and created mayhem at the Mall St. Matthews shopping center as it was filled with post-Christmas shoppers, according to […]

Ugly Flash Mob Empties Mall As Teens Riot In Food Court

An ugly brawl broke out after a flash mob goes completely wrong and empties the Mall of Louisiana last Saturday night as shoppers jammed escalators and ran for the nearest exits. Shop employees were ordered to evacuate, leaving cash and […]

Sharks Escape Into Mall Shopping Area, Shocking Patrons

Sharks are predatory creatures in the waters, but when they escape into a mall after their tank broke apart with turtles, it can send people into a shock like none before, especially when they can’t believe what they are witnessing. […]