Moon News Articles

Moon Axis Moon Axis Used To Spin Differently, Revealing Different Side When Facing Earth Amid Volcano Activity

The Moon axis used to spin differently and reveal a slightly different side when facing Earth. The new study, appearing this week in the journal Nature, used data collected by NASA’s Lunar Prospector mission in the late 1990s. Scientists spotted […]

Jade Rabbit: China’s Moon Rover Launches

Jade Rabbit, China’s first ever moon rover mission, launched on Monday, state media said, as Beijing embarks on the latest stage in its ambitious space program. A rocket carrying the vehicle has blasted off. “The Chang’e 3 is set to […]

Moon Explosion From Meteoroid Blasts Large Crater

The Moon was hit by a meteoroid that caused an explosion visible on Earth without using a telescope. NASA says the impact lasted only a second as it hit the surface at 56,000 mph. “It exploded in a flash nearly […]

Neil Armstrong EKG Reading During 1969 Moon Walk

Neil Armstrong stepped out on the moon in 1969 as his EKG reading is now up for auction. The medical information revealed that the astronaut was cool and calm during the historic event. NASA’s medical team back down on Earth […]

Civil War Death: Moon Creates Intriguing Concept For Confederate

The Civil War took a new step in the spring of 1863 as the full moon played a rule in the death of friendly fire after Confederate infantrymen mistook General Stonewall Jackson for the enemy and opened fire. For the […]

Moon Passing Jupiter Brings Show On Earth’s Horizon

The moon will put on a speculator show by passing Jupiter, the brightest planet in our solar system, as it skims just below the planet from Earth’s horizon. The view should be remarkable from all corners of the Earth. In […]

Justin Bieber Mooning Is Out Of Character

Justin Bieber pulled a moon stunt on Twitter last weekend, which has many people wondering if the Canadian pop artist has changed, since his recent behavior is completely out of character. In fact, since his break up from Selena Gomez, […]

Moon Rocks Found By Minnesota National Guard

Those missing moon rocks that were brought back to Earth on the 1969 Apollo 11 mission have been found in a government storage warehouse by the Minnesota National Guard. Several rock samples have been brought back to Earth via the […]