New York Giants News Articles

Tyler Sash Tyler Sash Died Of Accidental Overdose After Mixing Two Pain Medications

Tyler Sash accidentally overdosed on methadone and hydrocordone, an autopsy revealed. The former New York Giants safety had endured a recent shoulder dislocation and had a history of chronic shoulder pains, according to Bleacher Report. Sash’s body will undergo further […]

Daniel Fells Daniel Fells Undergoes Five Surgeries, Could Lose Foot From Post Injury

Daniel Fells has had five surgeries to stave off a staph infection, and doctors are fighting to avoid amputating his foot, according to a report by the NFL. Fells, 32, was diagnosed earlier this week with MRSA, a powerful bacteria […]

Toomer Blasts Ray Lewis For Singling Himself Out On Field

Toomer Blasts Ray Lewis - Amani Toomer spoke his mind last week and blasts Ray Lewis for singling himself out on the field. The former New York Giants receiver explains that the Baltimore Ravens player is playing antics that is […]